I was looking at her photo just a couple of seconds ago. I noticed her nose, I must say it was well defined, way better than mine. I’ve been checking her out for weeks now or maybe a month….whoa….w-w-wait a sec….did I just say month? holy cow! that was quite a while! I can’t believe myself. So, it means…I was constantly viewing her the whole time? hell yes! Up to this very instant. Oh God, I was pathetic!

I know this is something I should’ve realized in the first place, that it’s not a healthy habit to cyber-stalk an ex-girlfriend. What is cyber stalking anyway?–Cyber stalking is a crime in which the attacker harasses a victim using electronic communication.–Hello! I’m not a criminal! I wasn’t stalking her so I could go against her or something. I wasn’t even stalking her. Maybe I was following her and observing her persistently because I was so obsessed about finding details or features of her personality that would finally convince me that she is different from me, that I am so not like her, that I don’t have to be like her so that maybe, then, it would dawn on me why her relationship with my boyfriend did not even work out and maybe then, I’d stop comparing myself to her or to anybody because I am special and perfect just the way I am. (Sigh)

Should I go to EA (Exes Anonymous) and get some help?

funny! I’ve read a book entitled Exes Anonymous. The story deals with problems regarding ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends and how to get rid of them like, off your system. But, my case is different.

I’ve been hooked on this girl. I find her so interesting yet, now and then, I get insecure. I don’t hate her, absolutely not. But I can’t get myself into liking her. But, I do like her. I don’t know. Not too much. Or maybe I was just holding back my willingness to be nice to this person knowing she used to be my boyfriend’s girl. I’m not a bad person, tho. I think I wanna befriend her, only if I ever get to hold off any immature thoughts from time to time like jealousy, envy, insecurity etc…

these are just the problems I’ve been dying to resolve myself.

If only I can do just that, maybe I can be a little less than worried about making friends with anybody especially with an ex, be it a boy or a girl.


2 thoughts on “HIS EX

    1. I like what you said. But on my end, moving on is…hard…And I think I have to work a little harder on that matter…I’ll figure it out…Anyway, thanks for the comment…I appreciate it. 🙂

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