First published on Oct. 11, 2014 via tumblr.


RUROUNI KENSHIN or sometimes known by the title SAMURAI X, is my all-time favorite anime. KENSHIN HIMURA himself, is (of course) my favorite among the characters, and I am not just a fan. I don’t know what word to use, but I am more than that. Alright, I’ll confess… I’m crazy in love with him! LOL 😛 I’ve seen him first on TV when ABS-CBN (a local TV network) had it airing every 04:30 PM on weekdays, back then, as far as I remember (I forgot the year when it came out on Philippine Television, tho.) But anyway, it’s the ONLY anime/manga that I took pretty seriously (If you know what I mean). 😉 tumblr_inline_ndabtrlRGG1qe796x

KENSHIN became an object that I fixated on over the years. It must be his drop-dead gorgeous (anime) looks, or his sunny disposition, or both? For whatever reason, I’ve been smitten, my whole life, by his grace and beauty, that’s a fact! LOL tumblr_inline_ndaed7lwHR1qe796x

I go “gaga” over this fictional character every time. Back in high school, I was always in a hurry to go home so I could watch from the beginning of a new episode to the end, and I get pissed whenever I was late and missed an important scene. I would even leave boxes of floor wax to my group mates for a fine (as we used to have assigned sweepers for the day) back then, just so I could go home early.HAHA .


I even used to have dreams of Kenshin (the fictional character) as my boyfriend. LOL much! 😀 So, I started to have this crazy wish of going to Japan one day and look for Kenshin (the real person). Even though I was fully aware that everything (the Samurai X idea), including Kenshin, is nothing but a made-up story meant for entertainment. Until there was the film adaptation of RUROUNI KENSHIN.  TAKERU SATO and the trilogy itself, seem to have become the fulfillment of my dreams. tumblr_inline_ndah9ndkd41qe796x

I’ve watched the first two installments already, and It got me squirming on my seat, and stomping my feet, and constantly tapping the arm of the person sitting next to me! I went “gaga” inside the cinema, and thank goodness I helped myself from screaming! LOL

I’ll be watching THE LEGEND ENDS this week, so this is all for now. Adios and good morning! ^_<


The main character in Rurouni Kenshin (a.k.a.Samurai X who’s full name is Kenshin Himura (or Himura Kenshin, depending on where you’re from). Rurouni means “wanderer” and the name Kenshin is derived from the Japanese word “henshin” which means “change of heart.”


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