So many times

I hurt you

So many times

I blamed myself

So many nights

I left you alone

in all of those nights

you tried to be strong.


2 thoughts on “TIME AND TIME AGAIN

  1. I really love your writing…..But tell me…What has you down….You have a beautiful way about you….But I feel as I read something is wrong…Which just reminds me…of me!! so I gravitate towards this…anyways keep the good writing going…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my glob, thanks. I never really thought my work would actually have an effect on somebody from the other side of the world cause…you know, I simply do this to “breathe”. There’s just so many things that anchor me down in life…and this is how I get by. I just write my heart out and then, I feel better. You also write beautifully, you know…inspires me all the time. 😉


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